Burton Leander Rowing Club, originally titled The Leander Boat Club, was formed in 1847 and is proud to be known as one of the oldest established rowing clubs in the United Kingdom. The club was officially renamed 'Burton Leander Rowing Club' after joining  the Amateur Rowing Association in 1899 (also known as the ARA - founded 1882).

The club's first notable successes came with Coxed Fours in the period between 1907 and 1913, with boats winning numerous trophies around the country. Our second 'golden age' arrived with the crews of the 1950s, the pinnacle of their success being the Wyfold Cup win at Henley in 1958.

In the early 1970s ladies were invited to attend the club regularly to participate in the sport and by the end of the decade were entitled to become full members. In 2013 the club elected it's first female Club Captain.

A great deal of time and effort has been focused specifically on developing the junior side of the sport over the past 20 years. As with our adult endeavours, our junior members have bought their own successes. Today, the club has more than 100 members in total, around 40% of these being junior members.

There have been many positive changes over the years. Better boats & equipment, improved on-site facilities and a much broader range of diversity in terms of our members. One thing however has constant throughout our entire history, our greatest and most valuable resource, the dear old River Trent.

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