Burton Leander's Best Ship Games List

Battle ship games are extremely exciting – starting from the classic – battle ship games, to many other strategy games featuring navy, cruise ship wars and simulators for marine battles – the options are endless. You can take the role of a single pirate or a captain, or rule with a whole army of battle ships.

Here, at Burton Leander, we specialize in everything about battle ship games – cruises, features, top 10 lists, strategies, RPGs and everything else that will cater to the needs of battle ship games lovers. We also offer you to visit canadiancasinoreviews.ca if you want to find the best reviews on Canadian casinos based on expected players, that will help you improve your gambling skills. We understand the most sophisticated trends for ship games which is why we are on a never-ending adventure of finding the treasures called ship games. So, if you savvy battle ship games and like to explore the world of nautical transport through games, here are a couple of things that you’ll find handy.


Hall of Fame for Nautical Games

Nautical or battle ship games have been amongst the first games that were developed for the purpose of video game entertainment. And even before video games, there were board games like the traditional Battleship game. Nowadays, there are a couple of world-popular nautical games with battle ships featuring the navy, a nautical army or cruises in the deep blue waters. Starting from Battlestations and Empire: Total War, to Dangerous Waters, and Steel Diver: Sub Wars – all of these naval combat games are breathtaking in all senses of the word. However, if we had to make a top 5 list, the games that we’d definitely recommend to nautical lovers would be:

  • Battleships
  • Harpoon
  • Silent Hunter IV
  • World of Warships
  • Warship Gunner 2

Make sure to try these at least once in your lifetime – they are all great and have exciting sailing practices, well-designed ships and can offer you a wholesome nautical gaming experience.

Competitive Games

As you can see, most of the all-time best games are competitive – it is not only the mesmerizing graphics and the exciting gameplay that attract players, but the fact that you get to compete, create battle strategies and outsmart your opponent also compels people to enjoy these games. For example, Battleship and World of Warships are great for all ages and can keep players entertained for hours – the same is with Sea of Thieves. Considering the latest developments in the gaming industry altogether, these games have got sophisticated multiplayer online game features and can be accessed by absolutely anyone with the desire to play nautical games. Other games that have sophisticated multiplayer capabilities are the famous casino games. These games are simply the best when playing with friends…poker, roulette, blackjack, you name it. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you guys to some amazing bonuses that you can read up on at UKNewCasinos.

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Sea of Thieves Synopsis

Sea of Thieves is one of the most popular naval games at the moment. It became extremely popular amongst online players of all ages thanks to the mesmerizing, cartoony yet well-developed graphics. If you dream of pirating the seas – this is the legendary game that you must play. Players can bring a ready-made crew or discover partners throughout the game and embark on a great adventure of pirating. This game has many challenges and it isn’t beginner-friendly, but it can surely offer a wholesome gaming experience for all players who enjoy pirate games. It can offer hours and hours of excitement.

Developed by Rare in the world-famous Unreal Engine in 2018 – this adventure game will simply sweep you off your feet. It has such great review ratings because players get to assume the role of a pirate and go on numerous adventures and voyages with different trading companies. The ultimate goal of this action-adventure game is simple – become the ultimate pirate legend. And, because Sea of Thieves has such great graphics, you won’t feel time passing by at all – it is extremely addictive. We loved how players can play it using different platforms including Microsoft Windows and Xbox One too. In addition to this, the sailing techniques are top-notch and yet, realistic.

All in all, Sea of Thieves is one of the best multiplayer pirate games available, and it has the sophisticated features that modern gamers demand. We’d suggest that you try it with friends for maximum excitement.