Burton Leander Rowing Club, 2nd at Boston Head

On a wet and cloudy Sunday morning (the 19th of January to be exact) Burton Leander rowing club made their way to Boston Head, with a nearly full trailer and a good turnout of 8 crews racing, it promised to be a good day, except for the rubbish weather!

In the 1st division we saw entries of Andrew Allsop in his IM3.1x, Kevin Shaw and Mike Mcquoney in their MasA.Nov.2x, Zoe Wilson, Tasha Dukes, Ellen Tweed and Becky Newberry in there W.J18. 4x, Mary Wright, Chloe Brown, Olivia Lee and Georgia Parr in their W.J15A. 4x+, and last but no means least, to come down the course Dan Roe in his J18A.1x.

All crews posted good times, the W.J18.4x- winning their category by 53 seconds, Andy in his IM3.1x coming 3rd out of 4 crews, but managed to beat 4th position by a whole 1 min 25 seconds! Dan in his J18A.1x placing in 2nd out of 4 crews in his category, missing out on 1st position by just 12 seconds! The W.J15A.4X+ who were competing in only their 3rd ever head race, managed to gain an impressive 4th out of 7 crews, missing out on 1st position by only 28 seconds! Finally the MasA.Nov.2x of Kev and Mike had no competition, so were only racing themselves, and even though they managed to get a tad to close to the bank at one stage, they still managed to gain a respectable time.

The second division saw entries from Gareth Kirby, Paul Smith, Paul Newman and Peter in their MasC.4x- Joe Raymond, James Manton, Matt Haywood and Jordi Simons in their J16A.4X- Ellen Tweed and Tasha Dukes in their WJ16A.2x Sean Tanner in his MasA.Nov.1x and finally Samantha Shorthose, Kat Delaney, Barbara Delaney and Fiona Brown in their W.IM3.4+

With a slight improvement in weather, all crews again doing well and posting good times. The MasC.4X- again placed mid field, 3rd out of 5 crews with 1st only beating them by 26 seconds. The J16A.4X- not only beat their one and only opposition crew by 49 seconds, but they also posted fastest crew of the day! The WJ16A.2x made up of Ellen and Tasha (from the 1st divisions W.J18.4x-) posted another good time, managing to retain 4th of 5 crews in their category. Sean Tanner, who has a reputation of falling in at the last few Head races he’s been too, not only managed to stay upright, but finished in a respectable 2 minutes behind his opponents, who were more experienced, and had the advantage of handicaps. Finally the ladies of the W.IM3.4+ managed to come in joint 2nd out of 4 crews and once again were only short of number 1 spot by a very respectable 24 seconds.

All in all a good day out for Burton Leander, with all crews not letting the wet weather getting the better of them, and doing their club proud!