Floody Floods!

After the worst weather and flooding that Britian has seen in February for many years, it has caused upset for Rowers up and down the country!

For Burton Leander this not only meant missing out on attending two head races, which unfortunatly had to be cancelled, but also train time on our lovely stretch of the River Trent. Since the bad weather started at the back end of 2013, we figure we’ve been unable to do any weekend session on the river since the start of December 2013, with the exception of 1 maybe 2 weekends.

The two head races the club planned to attend were Worcester and Newark. Both of these were going to be attended by juniors and seniors respectively, even with our lack of training time on the water, all those who had planned on going were looking forward to competing.

However as you may of seen reported in the news and on the television, most of Worcester has been under water for weeks, with pictures of Rowers from Worcester rowing on the Horse Racing Course!!! so their head race polanned for the 15th February had to be called off.

Newark like many other clubs, has also suffered flooding and therefore had to cancel their head race planned for the 22nd of February.

The club is now looking forward to the next couple of months, hopefully we’ll be back on the water soon, trying to remember how to scull and sweep a boat, and getting ready for sprint season.