Popular Water Sports

Popular Water Sports

Do you want to take advantage of the sea as you’ve never done before? Practice some of the water sports shown below, and your summer will be unforgettable. In summer, apart from having proper meals and resting, we also want to practice individual water sports that we cannot do throughout the year. The sea becomes a stage full of Entertainment, which allows us to feel good about ourselves.

There are many activities and nautical schools that allow us to navigate the seas in various possible ways. The water sports you can develop in the coastal zones will be the icing of fantastic summer days that you will share with your partner, your friends or your family. Find out what activities are waiting for you in the coastal areas!

List of 8 water sports in summer

  1. Swimming

It is a visible, cheap sport that everyone can do in their own way. Swimming is a complete sport in which we exercise a lot of muscle groups in our body. In addition to training the body, this practice also strengthens and improves our cognitive capacity. Numerous studies have shown that immersion in water increases the flow of blood to the brain. Besides, other research has found that swimming and other similar exercises release neurotrophic or neurotrophic factors in the brain or, in other words, help raise the mood.

Given these factors, there is no doubt that it is 100% advisable to swim anywhere. In the case of the sea, we must be cautious with the waves and the currents, as they can play a bad trick on us. Swimming is one of the most recurrent water sports

  1. Surf

It is one of the most legendary water sports we can find in the marine territory. The beginnings of this practice are located 500 years ago in the Polynesian islands. Surfing consists of sliding and surfing waves standing on a board. Everyone who surf shows excellent balance and a lot of technical skills.

  1. Kitesurfing

One of the water sports you can only try if the wind allows it. This one will be in charge of sliding when propelling a traction kite that will be attached to your body utilizing a harness. The board will be assigned to your feet so that you can perform all kinds of maneuvers and pirouettes.

This sport, which dates back to 1977, requires minimum strength and endurance to be developed. If you are interested in practicing kitesurfing, you are happy, as many countries multiple Schools year after year.

  1. Paddle Surfing

Also called rowing surfing, it is a sport where the navigator, who stands on a board, paddles to move around with the help-as his own name indicates – of rowing. This practice is much more relaxed than the previous ones but requires concentration and balance. It looks more accessible than it is!

Do you want to check your skills in this activity? Well, you got pretty easy. Many points on the world’s coast have areas intended for this practice, if the weather and the conditions of the sea allow it –there cannot be many waves. Also, you will also find indoor areas where you can also surf paddle.

  1. Water Skiing

It is also known as nautical skiing. What is it? The skier, with one or two skis, slides over the water thanks to the work of the motorboat to which it is attached with a rope. This activity has multiple modalities (the wakeboard, the wakeskate or the wake surf) that, instead of skis, use sliding boards. With this practice, you will travel the sea at a speed that will allow you to feel the adrenaline in your body. You’ll reach 50 miles an hour! Given these conditions, it is no wonder that it is a sport that is very much liked and creates quite an addiction. Would you like to try it?

  1. Windsurfing

It is one of the evolutions of traditional surfing. It consists of sailing with a board similar to that of that sport which is provided with a sail, which allows the displacement. The wind, along with the waves, is once again essential for the activity to be possible. Balance, strength, and endurance are the primary skills that test this activity.

Windsurfing, which is also called sailing surfing or sailing board, requires absolute mastery of wind and sea waves. It is a sport that, although it originated in the United States, is practiced with great affection in our country.

  1. FlyBoard

It is another of the new water sports –it emerged in 2012 – that is in full swing. Surely, in the previous summers, you’ve heard of her. The fact is that more and more points on our coast facilitate the practice of this sport.

It consists of a board under the feet that contains downward jets that allow flying over the sea waters. Flyboard is very addictive, as you gain experience and confidence, your skills increase considerably. 8.

  1. Canoeing

Canoeing is a summer option that you have to take into account to contemplate the sea beauty this holiday. In addition to this denomination, you can listen to others such as canoeing, canoeing, and kayaking. The activity consists of a boat –usually plastic – and several blades of one or two sheets, propelled by several people (from two to ten navigators).

In this sport, balance and coordination between all the members of the boat are no longer so principal. Make sure that you are going with sailors with strength and strength to row. Otherwise, it will be up to you to carry all the weight of the boat. Canoeing allows you to enjoy the sport in the sea with your friends or family, so it is one of the most recommended activities to develop on summer days. In both marine and indoor environments, this summer practice is compatible with your free days.

The primary purpose of all these water sports is to stay active in these months, as well as enjoy an unforgettable and original holiday. Your body and mind will appreciate the adrenaline rush these activities require. If you do other activities outside the water, take into account the tips and advantages of sports in summer.